Before you came into the physical world this lifetime, you made a “Sacred Contract” with your Master Guide ad your soul group, etc., as to what you were coming back into the physical world again for this time around, in the body you choose to incarnate in this time.  You pick your parents, your race, location, siblings, partners, etc., and what gifts and talents you’ll need around your Birth/Soul Path (Soul Contract -Soul purpose), and also what challenges you will face trying to achieve your purpose. A lot of information along these lines is revealed in the Numerology reading that I do as part of your first coaching session.


It’s all about why you are here, what you came here to do this lifetime (your mission/life purpose), and the lessons you chose to learn this time around. Also what challenges you will face as you attempt to figure this all out and get yourself on your path, doing the great work in the world you came here to do in service to mankind.


In an Intuitive Life/Career Coaching Session, I use Numerology and my gifts as an Intuitive to help identify and clarify what your purpose is, and together we develop a “baby steps” plan of action to get you on the road to doing it! Before I call you for a session, I go into a special kind of meditation that is designed to raise my vibration and surround me with protection so that I can connect more easily connect to my spiritual team of Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels and so on, to bring through information/ guidance about why you are here: what is your “mission statement” for this lifetime, and whatever else I need to pass on to you.


I start the session by giving you a Numerology reading using your birth date (month/day/year) extrapolated down to a single digit, which give us your Birth/Soul Path number. This number (from 1-9, or could be a Master Soul Number – 11, 22 or 33), which reveals what gifts and talents you brought in with you this lifetime, and what your challenges are. I also explain how your  Astrological or Sun sign is influencing your particular Birth/South Path.  For example: someone who is a Birth/Soul Path 8 and an Aries for example, will have a different flavor to their mission then someone who is a Birth/Soul Path 8 but a Sagittarius or Leo.


Additionally, using your birth month, birth day and the present year, I also extrapolate those numbers down to a single digit which tells us in what “Personal Year” you are in right now (numbers 1-9, or 11, 11, 33 if you are in a Master Soul Year). This Personal Year number gives us a mini-synopsis of what you can expect to be happening in your life this year (or the next), and is similar to a horoscope or Astrology reading.


The later part of the session has several components to it, and I will decide at that time which one is the best fit for you.  There are several options open to me.  We end with brain storming together to come up with some simple and easy to implement “baby steps plan of action ” as your homework assignment: what you need to do now to start moving toward your goal – being on path and doing the great work in the world you came here to do!





This work is for anyone who is still suffering with grief, pain, guilt, etc., after the passing of a loved one, and just can’t seem to move forward with their life. The difference between an Intuitive Life/Grief Coaching session and an Intuitive Life/Career Coaching session is the purpose of the session.  In Grief Coaching, I not only use Numerology and my gifts as an Intuitive in the same way I do in Life/Career Coaching, but when I go into meditation and then open to receive guidance for you, this time I connect to the crossed over loved one you are having issues around their passing with, and bring through guidance for you from them.


There are many components to a Life/Grief Coaching session that are very different from a Life/Career coaching session.  I will ask you to recount the “story” around the passing of your loved one (it is said to be very healing for someone to tell the story of the passing of their loved one to another who would be considered an objective third party).  We may also have a discussion about your beliefs around what happens to us when we pass our of our physical bodies, among other things.


At some point in the session,  I introduce you to the two forms of meditation we do in this style of coaching: “The Reconnection Meditation” is designed to connect to your loved one in spirit so that you can ask them questions and receive guidance from them, and also to ask them to send you healing energy so you can move forward with your life.  The other is called the “Break Your Heart Wide Open” meditation, which is designed to help you to release all the pain, grief, suffering that you are holding in your heart so that you can move on and get your life back on track.


In either form of Intuitive Life Coaching sessions I do, you have the option to learn how to perform the special the meditations I use in both of these styles of coaching. All forms of coaching sessions are performed over the phone and recorded, making it possible for me to work with anyone in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Guam and the Virgin Islands (must speak English). The advantage recording it is that you don’t have to worry about taking notes, or trying to remember the barrage of information that will coming at you during one of these sessions.  The recording is sent to you from a company called Voice Base who turns it into and MP3 and emails it to you later the day of the session. That way, you can listen to it over and over again, and/0r share it with family or friends if you like.



Both of these styles of coaching are based on the books “I See your Dream Job” and “Bridges to Heaven” by the author Sue Frederick, my teacher.   http://careerintuitive.info/






I take credit cards over the phone and process them through SQUARE for your convenience.

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 I’ll be hosting a workshop on NUMEROLOGY as I use it in both styles of life coaching on July 31st from 1:30-3:30 at Peaceful Heart:  (http://peacefulheart.net/.  Fee is to attend is $25 – sign up a through Peaceful Heart.  For info on this event go to the SPECIAL EVENTS menu on this website (mine)