House, Business and Personal Clearings

I am now performing remote clearing of both people, businesses and homes. I was introduced to this work by a friend of mine’s friend over a year ago, and have been doing it every since.   I use Raymon Grace’s methods and a pendulum.

Here are the things I can remove: Entities, Demons, Curses, Psychic Cords and Poltergeist.


I’ve been doing this work successfully for while now for a lot of my clients and friends, and of course, for myself.


Fees for this service:

House clearing is 100.00:

I clear the house initially of all the above, and then check back in daily for a week to make sure it all stays gone.


Personal Clearing is $50.00

Again, I clear the person initially of all of the above, and check back in daily for a week.


Here is a link to Raymon’s website:


This work is all done remotely, I do not come to you or you to me typically to perform these services.  However, if you live locally (I’m in Madison, Wisc) and you wish to come to my home office for an “in person” clearing, I do that also.