• Usui Reiki Classes Levels I, II and IIIa (Master Practitioner) 
  • Reviewing or auditing an Usui Reiki class
  • Usui Reiki Master Teacher (IIIb) Training
  • Karuna Reiki® Classes 
  • Usui Reiki Re-Attunements
  • Usui Reiki Shares
  • Reiki Clinics
  • Reiki Introductions/Demonstration





All the Traditional Usui Reiki classes that I teach include an attunement, a very comprehensive manual (I write all my own manuals and constantly add to them and revise them), a certificate of completion, and lots of “hands on” practice time. All classes are held at my home office, 510 Engelhart Dr., in Madison, Wisconsin  (Directions/map). 


Usui Reiki Level I classes are held over a two day period from 9:30 to 4:30 approximately.  Usui Reiki Level II & Level IIIa (Master Practitioner) classes are held over a one day period from 9:30 to 4:30  (approx.). Usui Reiki Level IIIb  – (Master Teacher) training is a one year internship program, times for these classes to be arranged between the student and I. There are many requirements for the internship program including attending all of my Reiki Shares and assisting me in Reiki classes or Shares. 


As one of my Reiki students you receive a 25% discount off of any Usui or Karuna Reiki sessions you book with me. This discount also includes your  immediate family members: spouse/partner, children, sister/brother, mother/father, and pet/s).


I require payment in full at time of sign up for a Reiki class, meaning that as soon as you sign up for a class you need to get your payment for the class into me ASAP. I take credit cards over the phone, you can mail in a check or money order, or drop by my house and run a card or drop off cash or check.


Your payment holds the weekend or day open for you, and pays for your supplies (manual and certificate).  If you are ill or have an emergency and cannot attend the class you’ve signed up and paid for it, I will hold your class fee until such time as your schedule opens up to reschedule.  I am very willing to work with my students about class days and times – we can always figure out how to fit your class into your busy lifestyle and mine.



Click on the words below – it’s a link which will take you to a registration form to sign up for a class:







Nov. 25th & 26th – Level I class (9:30-4:30 both days)

Dec. 9th – Level IIIa (Master Practitioner)- 9:30-4:30

Dec. 16th – Level II – 9:30-4:30

Jan. 6th & 7th – Level I class (9:30 to 4:30 both days)

Jan. 13th. Level IIIa (Master Practitioner) 9:30-4:30

Jan. 27 -n Level II class – 9:30-4:30





Level I – $225.00

Level II – $325.00

Level IIIa (Master Practitioner) $425.00

Reiki Master Teacher – $1,500.00 





Many students ask if there are any specific preparation recommended before taking a Reiki class. Most Reiki teachers and authors of Reiki books advise the following:


It is advised that you consume no alcohol or caffeinated beverages or food containing caffeine for three to four days prior to taking a Reiki class, and follow a healthy diet – lots of fresh (organic preferable) fruits and vegetables, and organic or free range meat/poultry/eggs/dairy). Drinking lots of pure, fresh water for several days before and after your class is a must.  Remember water conducts electricity (energy) so being fully hydrated makes for an optimum experience.





Anyone who is attuned to Traditional Usui Reiki (a certificate is required to show proof of having been previously attuned), can review/audit any of the Usui Reiki classes I teach, with the exception of Usui Reiki Master Teacher.  If you are not already a student of mine, the fee for each class review/audit is $85 (applicable only for Usui Reiki Level I, II and IIIa (Master Practitioner classes), and includes a re-attunement, manual and certificate specific to whichever class you audit, lots of “hands on” practice time. You are also eligible to attend my monthly Reiki Shares after your first class.  If you are a student of mine and just want to review a class to be brought up to snuff on all the latest techniques and info (remember I am always adding new ones), and be re-attuned the fee $55.


What is included in a review/audit:

  • you participate fully in the class just like any other student
  • you receive the manual applicable for each level (and a certificate if you are not my student already)
  • you get to participate in all the practicum components of a class, (hands on training), receiving Reiki from me and the other students in the class
  • you receive the 25% discounted rate for Reiki/Crystal Healing, and Healing Touch sessions with me. for yourself and your immediate family members
  • you are eligible to attend my Reiki Shares or volunteer at any of the Reiki Clinics I hold
  • you can join my student based “Reiki Distant Healing” group (join us in sending Reiki to the requests that come in, or you can request Reiki for yourself or anyone else) at Level II
  • you can sign up to receive my monthly Reiki/Crystal Healing/Healing Touch/Emotion Code Newsletter
  • you can join either or both of my Facebook Reiki Groups “REIKI FOR YOU AND ME”, or our sister group “REIKI FOR YOU AND ME DISTANT HEALING GROUP”


Students wanting to move up a level who are not already one my students: 


If you have been attuned to Usui Reiki Levels I or II from another teacher and want to move up another level or two through me, you are required to be re-attuned to whatever level/s you are now, and to review/audit any class/es you’ve already taken. There are several reasons for this. We don’t know what symbols your prior teacher attuned you to, or what procedures she/he used to attune you, especially if your attunement was done distantly. Also in both of my Usui Reiki lineages you are given five symbols at Usui Reiki Level II, and two more at Level IIIa, and another one at Level IIIb. Many people who come to me from other teachers have only been attuned to and been given the three traditional Usui Reiki symbols at Level II, and possible one more at the higher levels of training. Therefore, when I attune you, you will be attuned to all the symbols that are used in both of my lineages, and given all those symbols to work with. 


I have also added a lot of additional information into my classes and manuals, so it is highly likely that you have not been exposed to much of what I teach unless you are a very voracious reader of Reiki books like myself.  An enormous amount of new information has come out of Japan in the last couple of decades about the real origins of Usui Reiki and Dr. Usui that many people/teachers are still not aware of, and a great deal of this new information is included in my updated manuals, as well as many techniques that involve the use of crystals, pendulums and aromatherapy.


Students who want to review a class they took years ago with me:


I am constantly adding in new techniques and information into my manuals and training, so if you took any Reiki classes with me a decade ago or so, you might be advantageous to re-take the class/es to get the new info and techniques and get re-attuned. Also you get what I call a “Reiki boost) every time you get another attunement (remember I re-attune people periodically just for that purpose in person or distantly which is a $50 fee).




I Usui Reiki Master Teacher level is a year or longer internship program. The classes themselves involve months of training in how to pass all the attunements in our lineage in increments, attendance at all the Reiki Shares I hold, and more.  You will be given all the manuals and certificate blanks required to teach Traditional Usui Reiki and all the certificates required. I will also be coaching you on how to set up your Reiki teaching business.  The fee for Level IIIb (Reiki Master Teacher) training is $1,500.00  I don’t  schedule these classes like I do for Levels I, II and IIIa. If you’re interested in becoming a Reiki Master Teacher through me, contact me to set up a meeting so we can get you started..




There are two levels of training in Karuna Reiki®: Levels I Practitioner & II Practitioner are taught together, and Levels I (Master) and II (Master Teacher) are also taught together. Having worked with Usui Reiki for many years, I can unequivocally say that Karuna Reiki®, is the next evolutionary step up in the power or intensity of Reiki energy. The emotional and block releases (a block is a knot of stuck negative emotions in the body and/or energy field), my clients have when experiencing during Karuna Reiki® versus Usui Reiki are much more numerous and intense. “Karuna Reiki® heals at the DNA level and on a much deeper cellular level”. 


As per the “International Center for Reiki Training” where Karuna Reiki® was developed, you are required to have been attuned to the Reiki Master Symbol (DKM) at the Usui Reiki Master Level of training (either Reiki Master Practitioner or Reiki Master Teacher, depending on your lineage), for at least 6 months before you are eligible to take any Karuna Reiki® classes, so that you will be better able to integrate the more intense Karuna Reiki® Energy.


We do not give out the master symbol DKM at any level but Usui Reiki Master Teacher in my lineage.  In taking the classes and working with the energy it became apparent to me that only those who are practicing Usui Reiki Master Teachers for a minimum of one year are qualified and appropriately trained to take the higher levels of Karuna Reiki® training (Level I Master & Level II Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher), so I have made that a requirement for this level of training. The requirement for the lower levels of training is to have been attuned to the Reiki Master Practitioner (IIIa) level for 6 months minimum.


Karuna Reiki® training is taught in two separate one day classes, Level I & Level II Practitioner together, and Level I (Master) and II (Master Teacher) together. Class times are from 9:30-4:30 and class fees are $400.00 per class. 


For more information on Karuna Reiki® and its founder, William Lee Rand, visit his website at: 


I am scheduling these classes privately only at this time. If you are interested in taking Karuna Reiki® classes, call or email me to schedule. You can set up a class around your schedule for any day of the week. 







When Dr. Usui connected people to Reiki, he performed what is referred to in Japan as Reiju – he did not perform an attunement like we do in the West. The attunement process we perform in Western Reiki to connect the student to the energy so that they can channel it for themselves was a creation of Dr. Chujiro Hayashi and the other Naval officers who trained under Dr. Usui before his untimely death.  Dr. Hayashi had’nt trained under Dr. Usui long enough to have been taught by him how to perform Reiju.  It is very likely also that the process we use now was tweaked a bit by Mrs. Hawayo Takata and her predecessors. 


Usui was said to give Reiju to his students often, possible daily or even weekly to strengthen and deepen their connection to the energy, and to help to clear their energetic systems so they would be purer channels for the Reiki energy. I have always felt that we could do the same with Reiki attunements, after all the attunements we do now were just created to achieve the same results that Reiju did, that Dr. Usui performed gave his students often, so why not re-attune people often.


Through experimentation with my students I found that you definitely go through another cleanse just like you do anytime you have a Reiki attunement, and that those who have been re-attuned, including myself, have experienced feeling a greater flow of the energy in our hands, and a heightened sense of the energy flowing, and more. 


I am now offering this service to anyone who has been attuned to Usui Reiki for $50. You would start out with a Level One attunement (for each level you wish to be re-attuned to, you must have already been attuned to that level).  I also recently discovered that I can perform this service remotely or distantly (a certificate of completion of Level One Usui Reiki is required). Same fee applies.




reiki sahre at my houseI hold monthly Reiki Shares i my home office for the benefit of my Reiki students and Reiki friends. (An “in-person” interview is required if you are not one of my students already and wish to attend).

A Reiki Share is usually a monthly or bi-weekly event held by a Reiki Master Teacher for their students benefit to provide a place for them to practice their skills, share their experiences, and receive Reiki from any number of other Reiki practitioners at once (Reiki energy is said to be exponentially increased by the number of practitioners channeling Reiki at the same time for you (meaning it is squared), so if there are two practitioners working on one person, the energy is increased by 4, or if there are 3 practitioners working on one person, the energy is increased by 9, etc., or possible even greater). It is quite common for 4-5-6 or more practitioners to be giving you Reiki at the same time at a Reiki Share! 


Reiki Shares are also a great way to meet other practitioners, get to know one another and form a good support network. Many students get together outside of the Share to practice Reiki on each other (what we in the Reiki world call a trade).  So many Reiki practitioners tell me they have no one else they can talk to about their experiences with Reiki or their excitement about using the energy.  Reiki Shares are again, a great place to be with like minded individuals and share your stories and experiences while channeling and receiving the energy! 


I always have new techniques, new book recommendations, or information to pass along also. Anyone who is a student of mine is eligible to attend my Reiki Shares.  Please RSVP if you plan to attend, so I will know how many tables to set up. 

Fee to attend is $10. 00

I provide a nutritious snack and plenty of clean, fresh spring water to drink. 


Upcoming Reiki Shares: 

Sundays:  Nov. 12th, Dec. 10th, Jan. 12th, Feb. 11th, March 11th, April 15th



A Reiki Clinic is an event where Reiki practitioners offer their services for a nominal fee or a donation to the public for a limited amount of time (anywhere from 15-30 minutes).  At present, I am not hosting any clinics locally.  If you would like to host a Reiki Clinic at your Spa or Wellness Center to raise money for a charity or any other worthy cause, please contact me. Reiki Clinics are wonderful opportunities for anyone who has never experienced Reiki to get a “taste” of Reiki, or for those who are on a budget and want to reap the benefits of a having a Reiki session.  Fees at a Reiki Clinic are generally $1/minute. 


Typically, two practitioners work on one person together (the power of the Reiki energy is exponentially increased by the number of Reiki Practitioners performing Reiki at once, meaning squared).  So two practitioners working on you at once, is 4 times as powerful as having one person work on you for the same amount of time. 


(There are no clinics being offered at this time). 




I regularly host Reiki Demonstrations/Lectures for the benefit and edification of the public. I feel it is very important to educate the public on what Reiki is and what it can do for you. These talks are typically two hours in length and end with my demonstrating Reiki on several audience participants.  I also hand out 25% off coupons for first time Reiki sessions, and 10% off coupons for first time Reiki Class participants. 


If you would like to host one of these events, please contact me (click the “Contact” tab at the top of the page).  There is no fee for this service.