To save time (for you AND me) before a Reiki session, it is helpful to read through this article, which explains everything you can expect to possible be happening during a Reiki session with me and more:


1) You’ll be asked to fill out an “intake/permission to treat” form before the session begins.  Then my client and I enter into a dialogue as to why they have come in for a session, and they are given the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about Reiki.


2) We’ll discuss treatment options to make sure you get the best treatment/s, for your situation/s at that time.


3) Reiki is always professional performed with the client (receiver) lying on their back fully clothed, under a sheet and blanket.  When you are lying down for over an hour receiving a healing session, your temperature and blood pressure will drop, which can cause you to become chilled, hence the sheet and blanket.  This is also a “no touch” state and as I am not a massage therapist, my client needs to be covered up.


4) A tissue is placed over the eyes of the receiver at the beginning of the session, which acts as a hygienic barrier between the practitioners hands and the receivers eyes, as one of the first hand positions is over the eyes. It also helps to filter out the light in the room, which assists the receiver in going more inward so that they can relax more deeply.


5)  I like to explain to all my new clients that a Reiki Practitioner is only a channel or conduit for the energy, which is why we do not call ourselves healers.  We are not pushing anything into the body of the receiver we are working on, or manipulating their energy in any way.  We simple connect the receiver to the source of Reiki (the Divine or Universal Life Force Energy [ULFE] depending on your view point), so that they can pull it down from Source through us, and use it to heal themselves.  The receiver is totally in charge of whatever happens during the session.  I like to say that a conversation takes place between the soul of the receiver and the source of Reiki, as to what the soul is willing to heal and release at that time.


6) During a Reiki session, the Reiki practitioner places their hands in positions referred to as “holds” that cover all the major organs, chakras and energy systems of the body, including any areas of concern that the client has brought to their attention in the intake interview beforehand.


7) Some of the things you might experience during your session: tingling, pulsing, or swirling energy in your hands or feet, or where the practitioners hands are, or in other areas of the body other than where their hands are (Reiki is an intelligent energy, it knows where to go and what to do. Ex: if the practitioners hands are on your shoulders, but you need the energy also in your heart center or abdomen for example,  it will flow into that area also). You may feel warmth, cold or heat coming from the practitioners hands.  You might “see” colors swirling around (like a lava lamp or northern lights) behind your closed eyes.  Many people fall in a deep sleep during a during session, which is a very good thing! We say that deeper healing takes place because it gets the ego out of the way.


8) You might have a “Block Release” during a Reiki session. This happens when a knot of trapped negative emotions is released from your body or energy field (melted). When this happens, the practitioner’s hands get very hot and they may break out in a sweat.  When I am facilitating a Reiki session for someone and this happens, I was taught to do a form of breathing called “Pranic breathing” to help release the block, while having the intention that whatever is being released goes to the light for transmutation. I may “hear” what the emotion is that is being released also, and would share that with my client after the session.


9) Tension releases: experienced as little jerks, jumps, or twitches in the muscles of the body. This is Reiki’s way of releasing tension from your muscles.  This is much more common than a Block Release or an “Emotional Release”.

10) Emotional Releases: experienced during the session most commonly expressed as tears.  This could be a single tear just flowing down out of one eye, or a stream of tears running down the sides of the face, to full out sobbing.  The percentage of my clients who have had a full out emotional releases is so small that I feel it is a very unusual occurrence.  Other ways someone might experience an emotional release are laughing or getting angry, both of which are EXTREMELY rare.


11) Seeing Colors:  If  you have any intuitive abilities, even if you aren’t aware of them, you may “see” colors floating by behind your closed eyes during the session.  These colors may appear as a kind of kaleidoscope or lava lamp affect (some have described it as what an aurora borealis looks like). Some Reiki experts say the colors represent the different frequencies or vibrations of the Reiki energy coming in to do whatever is needed in the area  the practitioner is working in (or other parts of the body).  Others feel they represent the different Archangels that have come in to assist the practitioner at that time in the area where they are working. Not everyone will see them, and the practitioner, if they are an Intuitive, will probably be “seeing” different colors other than what the receiver is seeing (I do).


12) It is very common for the receiver to become very relaxed and sleepy during a Reiki session, and to fall into a deep meditative state called “Reiki Slumber”  –  a very good thing!  We know that when this happens, deeper healing is taking place.  Some say that’s because it gets the ego out of the way.


13) If the practitioner is an Intuitive, they may be given information (guidance) for the receiver during the session from their Spirit Guides, Archangels, Angels, and other enlightened beings who work in concert with them during the session. The information they receive will be shared with their client when the session is over (if the client is open to that).  Not all Reiki practitioners are Intuitives.  You do not have to be an Intuitive to be Reiki, and being Reiki does not automatically give you this gift/talent.


14) What to expect after your Reiki session: Reiki release toxins just like a massage does, so it is advised that you drink extra fluids (we highly recommend just good clean water) for the next 48 to 72 hours after having a session to help move things along.  Some people report that they can  still feel the energy working on them for hours, days, even weeks after a session.  Reiki just doesn’t working on you because the practitioner is no longer working on you physically.  Think of it as a ripple in a pond, we’ve dropped a stone in the center of a still/calm pond, and now the ripples travel out in all directions till they met the shore.


It is quiet common for someone who has just had a Reiki session to sleep better the night that following their session, then they have for awhile, and perhaps have vivid dreams, or the answer to a long standing question might be revealed to them in a dream or vision. I have had several clients report that their sleeping pattern has been reset and they now sleep longer and better than they have in a very long time.


I have also had many clients report later that they experienced frequent trips to the bathroom (either way) after a Reiki session.


15) After your session, the client and the practitioner have a dialogue, bythe practitioner shares any Intuitive “guidance” they have received during the session, tells you where you were taking in the most energy or the least, where you had any block or tension releases, where the practitioner had to linger in a position longer than usual, or whatever else has come up that they need to share with the client about their session.  Then the client is asked if they have anything they’d like to share about their experiences during session, and further treatment options are discussed.


( It is customary to tip your Reiki practitioner just like you would a massage therapist, or anyone else who provides a service to you. How much you tip is up to you and of course at your discretion.)



MY CANCELLATION POLICY: 24-hour notice is required if you are unable to make your appointment. Failure to do so will result in your being responsible for paying for the session in full.