I am a Certified Intuitive Life/Career Coach, as well as an Intuitive Grief Coach.  I became a Life Coach in 2014 through Sue Frederick, author of “I See Your Dream Job,” “I See Your Soul Mate”, “Bridges to Heaven”, and her latest out on Kindle and now in book form, “Your Divine Lens”, and her International Professional Coaching Institute out of Colorado.


A little background – since my Level IIIa (Master Practitioner) attunement in Usui Reiki in 2004, I begin receiving guidance for those I perform Reiki on, either clair audiently, clair voyantly, and sometimes just in a knowing or feeling (clair cognitively).  I became frustrated however by the fact that I could not control when and if I would receive guidance for my clients, and by then, word had spread that I did, so it was a bit of an issue. I tried studying Mediumship (I was “seeing” those in spirit when I performed Reiki occasionally on my clients and receiving messages from them), that didn’t do it.  I tried Psychic Development classes, and that didn’t do it either.


Then I found this work after a client told me that I should look into becoming a Life Coach as I was already doing it, and I was drawn to this style of coaching because of the intuitive factor. I searched the internet and found Sue’s program and it fit perfectly!  Before I call someone for their Life Coaching session (either Career or Grief), I go into  a special form of meditation, and then open to receive guidance for my client around either their life purpose (Birth/Soul Path, also called their “Sacred Contract”, or if it is a Grief Coaching session, after meditating, I connect to their loved one in spirit and bring through messages for them. During the session I also connect them to their loved one, so that they can ask them questions and receive healing from them so they can move forward with their lives.


These sessions are all performed over the phone and recorded, making it possible for me to work with anyone in the US,  Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands (but must speak English). Another advantage to it being recorded is that no note taking is required, so you don’t have to try to remember the flood of information you will getting during one of these calls.  The sessions are an hour in length. The recording comes to you in the form an MP3 in email from a company called Voice Base afterwards.


If you are interested in having either type of these coaching sessions, either call or email me (see “CONTACT” tab above) to arrange an appointment.




One session   –   $75.00

A block of 3 sessions is discounted 10%  – $225.00

A block of 5 sessions is discounted 15%  – $ 375.00

A block of 10 sessions is discounted 20% – $562.50


I take credit cards over the phone through SQUARE for your convenience for this service, or checks.



(Look under the WHAT IS” under the “What is Life/Career Coaching” and “What is Grief Coaching” pull down tabs for more information about both of these styles of coaching.)