Now available – sessions on a Professional Amethyst BIOMAT.  If you have never experienced a BIOMAT, I offer a FREE trail session of 30 minutes at one of the lowest temperatures so you can see for yourself what a powerful and amazing healing tool it. Any follow up sessions you schedule will be discounted 10% for the first 5 you schedule (session prices are a $1/minute). In addition to offering BIOMAT SESSIONS, any Usui & Karuna Reiki®, Crystal Healing and Healing Touch sessions I perform are all done on the BIOMAT (with or without heat).


Recommended session lengths are 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or an hour.  Each temperature setting that is available on the mat does a different thing, so how long and how high the temperature to be set at when you are lying on the mat depends on what it is you are trying to accomplish while lying on it (read the literature bellow).



Benefits of the BIOMAT:

1) Temporary relief of:

-Minor muscle pain

-Minor joint pain and stiffness

-Joint pain associated with arthritis

-Muscle spasms/Minor spasms/Minor Strains

-Minor muscular back pain

2) Relaxation of muscles

3) Temporary increase of local circulation

4) Reduction of cortisol levels in the body

5) Increase in serotonin levels

6) Reduction of inflammation in the body



Why Use Far Infrared?

The circulatory system is responsible for the delivery of oxygen-rich blood and the removal of wastes.  Far Infrared Rays have been found to have a blood circulation-enhancing effect in human skin and eventually induces an increase in temperature of the body tissues.


16 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Far-Infrared Rays


What is Thermotherapy?

Thermotherapy is the therapeutic application of any substance to the body that adds heat to the body resulting in increased tissue temperature. Thermotherapy also increases blood flow which facilitates tissue healing by supplying protein, nutrients, and oxygen at the site of the injury.  Studies have shows that a 1 C increase in tissue temperature is associated with a 10% to 15% increase in local tissue metabolism.  The increase in tissue metabolism assists in the healing process by removing the metabolic by-products of tissue damage and provides an environment for tissue repair.


Heat Shock Proteins

Heat shock proteins (HSPs), or stress proteins, are present in all organisms. Published studies have shown that exposures to environmental stress, such as heat shock, induces the body to produce HSPs that function as molecular chaperones.  Molecular chaperones are a type of proteins that assist in the proper folding of proteins and quality control.  Improper folding of proteins and damaged proteins have  been reported to be the cause of diseases.


Negative Ions:

Negative ions, are atoms that have a greater number of electrons (-) than protons (+), which result in a negative charge.  They are abundant in natural environments such as forests, mountains, waterfalls and oceans.  In a 2013 report on the effects on negative ions, studies were discussed about the positive effects of negative ions on physiological functions and human health.




The BIOMAT uses a combination of fabrics and amethyst stones to generate Far Infrared Rays, which are then transferred to the body as heat, unlike an electric blanket that uses electric coils to create heat.  The heat emanates from friction generated within the body through the effects of far infrared rays. Far infrared rays internally warm your body as well as the part of your body that comes in contact with the BIOMAT.


Thermal sensors are distributed throughout the BIOMAT, which will cut off the electric current if the temperature of any part of the BIOMAT exceed the set temperature.  When the BIOMAT reaches the selected temperature, the negative ion lights (E.D.N.I.) will come on and remain on until the BIOMAT needs to increase the temperature.  The BIOMAT is paired with an external control box which allows you to adjust the desired temperature along with usage time (between 2, 4, 8 or 132 hours).  As an added safety feature, when the controller is set to 122 F or higher, it will automatically lower the temperature to 113 F after 4 hours.




Far Infrared Rays are of the electromagnetic spectrum that has been studied for its various health benefits.  It provides warmth and relaxation similar to the energy of the sun.  These rays not only benefit the muscles, but all cells in the deepest parts of the body.




1) Far Infrared Rays – The combination of natural Amethyst and the Hyron cotton layer generates far infrared rays (6-12 Micron) that the human body easily absorbs.


2) Negative Ions – Natural Tourmaline and the TOCA (Tourmaline) layer generates negative ions.


3) EMP – Special layers of fabric in conjunction with the BIOMAT EMF Interceptor effectively reduce electromagnetic waves.


(What does the BIOMAT EMF Interceptor do?


The BIOMAT EMF Interceptor acts in the same way as a lighting rod by safely conducting the EMF energy away to the ground.  With this feature, you can effectively reduce exposure to EMP for yourself and your family.


(all this information is from the literature of the PROFESSIONAL AMETHYST BIOMAT)



(These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  This devise does not cure cancer.  It does not intended to provide diagnosis or treatment and only claims the statements in the medical device listing of intended use, approved by the FDA. Specific medical advise should be obtained from a licensed health care practitioner.  The information and personal testimonies about the device do no reflect any medical claims).



30 minute session – $25 (save $5)

45 minute session – $40 (save $5)

60 minute session – $50 (save $10)

5-30 min. sessions – $95 (save $55)

5-45 min. sessions – $150 (save $75)

5-60 min. sessions – $195 (save $105)


or buy “minutes” bundles:

250 minutes – $175 (save $75)

500 minutes – $315` (save $175)

750 minutes – $450 (save  $300)

1000 minutes – 550.00 (save $450)