The EMOTION CODE system was developed by a Chiropractor named Dr. Bradley Nelson, who claims to have received the instructions on how to perform this technique from heavenly guidance (God, Angels, and Guides).  The purpose of this work is to clear trapped negative emotions from the body, and it is simple and easy to learn and do. Using muscle testing (Kinesiology) or dowsing (using a pendulum), the practitioner identifies if the client has any trapped negative emotions in their body and releases them. Trapped negative emotions in the body can cause pain, disease and emotional and life issues.

After the practitioner has identified what the trapped negative emotion is, they remove it by passing a special magnate through the “governing vessel” of the client’s body (the biggest meridian/channel of the body as identified in ancient Chinese medicine which runs from the top of the lip to the base of the spine).  The practitioner runs the magnet over the top of the head and down the back about half way, with the intention of releasing the emotion, while the client internally repeats to themselves the exact opposite words of the emotion that has been identified. Example: the emotion is Abandonment, the client repeats internally, over and over “loved, kept, cherished, wanted”, while the practitioner runs the  magnet over their head and down their back about half way.

Once the practitioner identifies that you have a trapped negative emotion trapped in your body, they begin to determine if the emotion was acquired during your lifetime, or if it was inherited from either your mother or father at conception.  If it was acquired this lifetime, the practitioner determines what age you were when it became trapped.  Typically at this point, the client almost instantaneously remembers what was happening in their life at that age that caused the emotion to become trapped, and then the practitioner confirms if that is indeed the cause or not using muscle testing or a pendulum.  Then they are asked to choose (from two lists of words) at least 2 to 3 words that would be the exact opposite of the emotion to help in clearing it. To clear an acquired trapped emotion, the practitioner rolls the magnate through the clients “governing vessel” 3 times.

However, if the practitioner determines that the TNE (trapped negative emotion) is inherited, they then determine from who: the client’s mothers side or their fathers side of the family. Then they determine how many generations back did the original incident happen that caused that emotion to become trapped in their ancestral line.  Typically it is 5 generations back, but occasionally it can go back as far as 10 generations. These are released the same way as releasing an acquired one, you are asked to choose 2-3 words that would be the exact opposite of the emotion and the maganate is rolled through your “governing vessel”, this time for 10 repetitions.

When the practitioner releases a TNE emotion that was inherited from your body, it not only releases it for you, but also from all those ancestors back to the original one that the incident happened to that caused that particular emotion to become trapped in your ancestral line, and from your children as well (although not every child will inherit the same ones – if you have 3 children only 1 of them may inherit the emotion that has come up to be cleared or all 3, or none of them).  You can even acquire trapped negative emotions from your mother in the womb!

Other issues that we address in Emotion Code are the “Heartwall” and the “Hidden Heartwall.  A heartwall is a construct of the subconscious mind, which it has put the heartwall  in place to protect you.  You may have gone through a lot of heartache, loss, or abuse in your life, and as a way of protecting your heart from further damage (seat of emotions)bel, your subconscious mind puts up a wall in front of it, believing you will survive if it doesn’t.  Heartwalls can contain many negative trapped emotions and are made up of just about anything you can imagine.

They extend out in front of your heart center or heart chakra, and go over your head. and typically are constructed of things like any kind of wood, any kind of metal, or things like barbed wire, bricks, rocks, or concrete, you name it, and can be measured in either inches, feet or miles. Your “heartwall” may have a door, which may be open or closed, and the door can have a lock, which may be open or closed, and it may have windows, which can be open or closed. If your heartwall has no door, and no windows, that is indicative of just how much your subconscious mind has decided that “nothing is getting in here”.

Article on Heartwalls:

Heartwalls can block that close, loving partner relationship you crave from coming to you. They can also block you from moving up in the business you are in, or figuring out what your life purpose is and doing it, and much more.  It’s like going through life in a fog, you are not experiencing life fully (I like to say that you are seeing or experiencing life as though you were looking through cheese cloth).

The Practitioner uses all the same techniques  to “take down” your Heartwall as they do to release acquired and inherited TNE’s, slowly and with your subconscious mind’s controlling just how fast or slow the process will take.  Typically in a session, we work on the acquired and inherited emotions first, and see if your subconscious mind and body will allow us to also work on taking down your heartwall/s.  I typically find that you can have from 1-5 heartwalls and also 1-3 or more hidden heartwalls.  We have to chip away at them slowly, they don’t come down typically in one session. It is said that afterwards you become a more compassionate person and live more authentically.

A “hidden heartwall” is a minor heartwall so to speak.  Just like “heartwalls” they have to chipped away at over several sessions, but I do find that they come down faster, usually in 2 sessions, sometimes 3 and that there are a lot of inherited TNE’s in them, as well as acquired ones. It is not necessary to determine what they are made of, as it is when we are working on a heartwall.

I am a fully certified  and experienced Emotion Code Practitioner, and can also perform Emotion Code  sessions for animals (dogs, cats, horses, etc.), and over the phone (called proxy).  I can work with anyone via the phone, anywhere in the United States who speaks English (sorry I don’t speak any foreign languages), also Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands, and possible for anyone anywhere on the planet who speaks English that I can converse with over the phone.

Emotion Code sessions are approximately an hour in length for humans, and about half that for animals. An appointment is required and can either be performed in person, over the phone OR via email. (I was just given the information on how to perform proxy email sessions in Emotion code, meaning I can now work with anyone, anywhere on the planet!!!!)  If you would like to schedule a session, you can CONTACT ME  or book a time thru schedulicity  Book a Session

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For more information on Emotion Code got to: www.drbradleynelson.com

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