INTUITIVE GRIEF COACHING is based on my teacher Sue Frederick’s book “Bridges To Heaven” and incorporates the science of Numerology and my gifts as an Intuitive. Utilizing the science of Numerology, I determine what your Birth/Soul Path number is, what your loved ones Birth/Soul Path number was, in what Personal Year you are in right now, and in what Personal Year you were in when you loved one departed.
Additionally, I determine in what Personal Year your loved one was in when they passed. All this information gives you a better understanding of what was going on for your loved one when they departed, and what was going on for you at that time, and gives you a clearer picture of the motives and actions of your loved one during the year that led up to their passing.

Next I ask you to go in to “The Story” of your loved ones passing.  Being able to fully recount all that was going on before and during the time your loved one was passing to a neutral observer is a profoundly healing experience in and of itself.

Just as in Intuitive Life/Career Coaching,  I perform a special meditation before calling my client for their session, but this time when I ask for guidance and messages for them, I connect to their departed loved one for the information, as opposed to my guides and other enlightened beings who work with me when I do that work.  After we go over the Numerology piece of the session, I share what information I received from their loved one after meditation.  Then, together we make a decision, based on how raw/fresh the grief is and how much healing needs so be done, as to whether I either lead the client through the “Break Your Heart Wide Open Meditation” or the “Reconnection Ritual Meditation.”

The “Break Your Heart Wide Open Meditation” is designed to help you release the pain and suffering you are in from the loss of your loved one, from your heart center (where we hold all our grief/sorrow – the seat of all emotions), helping you to heal so that that can move forward with your life.  The “Reconnection Ritual Meditation” is designed to help you connect to the spirit of your deceased loved one so that you can ask your departed  loved one questions, and  receive healing energy from them to help you move forward with your life, and release the suffering and pain from their loss. I offer to teach my clients how to perform both of these meditations on their own, so that they can do them themselves anytime at home.

This is just incredible work.  I am so excited to now be able to do what I have been longing to do for ages – connect with those in spirit to help my clients and their departed loved ones to heal.

As with both styles of coaching I do, these sessions are performed over the phone and recorded, and the client receives a copy of the recording to listen to whenever they want in the form of an MP3 in an email.  As there will be a huge amount of information coming at you for most of the session, there just isn’t any time for note taking, so recording it allows you to be fully present during the sessions and not have to worry about this.  Same fees apply as Intuitive Life/Career Coaching although the sessions tend to be longer. Book a Session
I can work with anyone in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands.