You typically consult a Life Coach when your life is not going as planned, and you know you need a change but don’t know what the change is, or how to even identify or implement it. You are looking for someone to help you make sense of it all, and to help you to figure out how to get your life back on track.


Intuitive Life/Career Coaching is very career (life purpose) oriented. The system of coaching I was trained in was created by Sue Frederick, author of “I See Your Dream Job”,  “I See Your Soul Mate”, “Bridges to Heaven”, “Reconnecting With Your Loved Ones In Heaven”,  and her latest book “Your Divine Lens”, and is centered around helping you to identify/remember what your Birth/Soul Path is (your sacred contract) this lifetime, and to get you on it if you aren’t already. The philosophy we go by in this system revolves around the premise that in the body you are in this lifetime, you came in with certain gifts and talents (your gift set) and a purpose.  I’m sure you’ve thought of these age old questions:  “WHY AM I HERE?” or “WHAT DO I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP?”


Information about your Birth/Soul Path (soul contract) can be revealed to us by using the science of NUMEROLOGY, which originated from the teachings of Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher and Mystic in the sixth century. By taking your birth date (month/day/year) and reducing it down to a single digit,  your particular Birth/Soul Path number is revealed, giving us a lot of information about why you are here, specifically what gifts and talents you came in with this life time and what your challenges are.


Pythagoras taught that our birthdate reduced down this way, has positive and negative aspects to it. The more you resonate with the positive aspects, the more ON PATH you are, and the more you resonate with the negative aspects, the more OFF PATH you are. He also taught that our lives revolve around 9 year cycles of re-invention, and Saturn Returnings (you have two in an average 80 year life span).  Additionally, your Sun or Astrological sign also influences your particular Birth/Soul Path. For example, if you are an 8 Path and an Aries, your life purpose and challenges will be very different from someone who is an 8 Path and a Pisces.


I use NUMEROLOGY to also determine what Personal Year you are in at this time, in this particular nine year cycle using that same method, by using the year it is right now (so birth day and month, and the present year), and extrapolating those numbers down to a single digit. Personal Year numbers gives one a mini-synopsis of what they can expect to be happening in their lives in any given year, sort of like an astrological reading. When we look back at what happened to us in each of our “9 year’s”  for instance, we begin to see a pattern emerging.  “9” years are typically years of upheaval, change, and letting go of what is no longer serving us. “1” years are years of re-invention, lots of new energy coming in, lots of support for new projects/ideas, and so on. What Personal Year you are in right now (this is a calendar year cycle, not a birthday to birthday cycle typically), gives one clues as to what they can expect to be going on in their lives in any particular Personal Year cycle. Very helpful for making decisions about ones life and figuring out what the focus of each year will be.


The other part of this system involves my gifts an an Intuitive.  An Intuitive Life/Career Coach is required to do a particular form of meditation for a designated amount of time before calling their client for their session.  After they have meditated, they sit in silence and ask for guidance about their clients Soul/Birth path (life mission), what they came here to do this lifetime, and whatever else is relevant for them to know right now.  As an Intuitive and Medium, this work is a perfect fit for me.


What I love most about doing this work is getting to know my clients on a much deeper level as they share the ups and downs of their lives, and their secret dreams.  It never ceases to amaze me how just bringing up the topic of “why do you think you are, what do you think you came here to do this lifetime?” I hear things that I never would have expected to hear from them: public speaker, architect, owner of a healing center, etc. Additionally, the information I get for them after meditation is equally surprising to us both in its accuracy. I also teach this form of mediation to my clients if they are interested.


At the end of the call, after we’ve identified what if it is they are supposed to be doing here on Earth this lifetime, together we make up a “baby steps” plan of action to get them working towards that goal and actually be doing it!


 A coaching call is typically 60 minutes in length and is recorded. The recording is sent to the client in the form of an MP3 in an email, this way they can listen to it over and over, at their leisure.  After the initial call, we do periodic follow up sessions until they have reached their goal!



Cost per session: 60 minutes – $100



Three 1 Hour Sessions – $270.00

Five 1 Hour Sessions – $425.00

10 1 Hour Sessions – $800


I accept major credit cards through SQUARE for this service or personal checks.  Go to the CONTACT menu on this website to schedule a session, or call or text me.  I can work with anyone in the United States and Canada including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands (but must speak English, sorry I don’t speak fluently in any other languages).