Other Classes

PENDULUM CLASS (fee is $55.00 – 2-2 1/2 hour class

I’ve been using a pendulum to asses chakras for several years now and much more.  In this class you’ll learn how to choose the right pendulum for you. If it’s made of crystal/stone, how to de-program, clear and charge, and then to BLESS and DEDICATE it.  You’ll also learn an invocation to use each and every time you want to use it to “dowse” for answers to just about anything you can think of.  We’ll discuss the proper way to store it and play some fun games using our “dowsing” ready pendulums and more.

Everyone will head downstairs to my private office to learn how to assess someones chakras and how to use a pendulum to open a chakra.

I’m available to meet you (or drive you) to a crystal/stone shop locally to help you choose a pendulum is you don’t already have one, but I now have 5 pendulums for sale ($20 each), for your convenience. These pendulums will be de-programmed, cleared and charged already.



Subjects covered in this class are: how to de-program, clear, and charge crystals/stones in multiple ways, how to activate and program each of your crystals/stones to receive the benefits you bought them for, how to set up a simple crystal grid, how to properly store your crystals/stones, how to do a crystal chakra layout on yourself or others, and how to make a crystal elixir and mother elixir, and more.

If you are interested in taking this class, you can do it as a “one-on-one”, or if I get enough students interested in taking a class, I can let you know when it’s happening.  I put up a Facebook event page for all my classes, and also an announcement on the “Special Events & Announcements” page of this website.  I can take as many as 6 people for this class in my home office.  I can also come to your home or office and teach this class to your friends or family. If you book one of these, you get the class free!


In this class, I teach you how to select the stones/crystals that applicable to the purpose of the grid, all about grid patterns, surfaces to put your grids on, and adding natural objects to your grids and more. This class can also be taught “one-on-one” or in a group, and in my home, or your home or facility.

Click to View more of my grids. I host a Facebook Group for those interested in learning more about Crystals & Stones: THE MAGIC OF CRYSTALS AND STONES 


MEDITATION CLASS (fee is$55.00 – 2 hour class)

This is the style of meditation that we use in both types of life coaching that I do.  It’s mantra meditation – using a Sanskrit phrase or the Lord’s Prayer.  Performing this meditation raises your vibration and surrounds you with protection.  You’re required to perform it for 20 minutes a day for optimum results. Right after performing this meditation, you can “open up” to guidance and receive answers to any questions you have about anything!

The world of Angels, Spirit Guides and those in Spirit, vibrates at a much higher vibration us humans so in our dense physical bodies. When you perform this meditation, it raises your vibration high enough for these spiritual beings to be able to connect more easily with you.

This is an approximately 2 hour class and the fee is $55.00.


ANGEL CARD READING CLASS (fee is $55 – 2 hour approximately class)

I am a Certified Angel Card Reader through Hay House, Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.  If you love doing Oracle Card deck readings but feel you could use some pointers on the proper ways to clear your deck, dedicate it and call in protection, this is the class for you.

You’ll need at least one card deck to participate.  Here are some recommendations:

  • Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards
  • Magical Messages from the Fairies
  • Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards
  • Archangel Oracle Cards
  • Messages From Your Angels oracle cards
  • Angel Tarot
  • Archangel Michael Oracle cards

You’ll learn to how to clear your deck of any old dirty energies it might be holding to, especially if someone else has been touching your deck, each and every time you go to  use it, how to ground yourself and call in a gatekeeper/energy bouncer for protection.

You’ll also learn how to give card reading using your deck and more.