HEALING TOUCH was developed by a nurse by the name of Janet Mentgen (BSN, RN, HNC, HTCP/1), and designed to be performed in hospital settings. There are parts of it that are very similar to Reiki but it has no attunement process, but it is considered a type of energy work.  It does involve a very extensive and expensive certification process, much more so than any Reiki certification program, and is a worldwide organization. You are a “student” of this modality for many levels before you can actually go through the actual certification process, which takes a year at Level 5, involves performing 100 documented cases, and presenting something like a thesis, similar to someone going for their Masters Degree, before you can become formally certified.

I am now a Level III Student of Healing Touch and have been given the go ahead to charge for performing the techniques I’ve learned so far, but not at the top level of fees that a certified practitioner would charge.  I am allowed to do so because of my already extensive training in Reiki and many other modalities, and length of experience doing same.

I incorporate all the Healing Touch techniques I’ve learned into my healing practice, combining many of them with Reiki, or just by themselves.  I consider the ones I add into Reiki sessions as “add on’s” and the fees for these services are listed on my scheduling site Schedulicity”  Book a Session

DEFINITION OF HEALING TOUCH (from the “Healing Touch Program Notebook (Level I) Official Notebook for the Healing Touch Certification Program”   www.HealingTouchProgram.com

Healing Touch (HT) is an energy healing therapy in which practitioners consciously use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to enhance, support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and self-healing.  HT utilizes light or near-body touch to clear, balance, and energize the human energy system in order to promote healing and healing for mind, body, and spirit.

Healing Touch methods work with the Individual Energy Field (IEF), also known as the Human Energy Field (HEF), which penetrates and surrounds the body, and the energy centers within the physical body.  The spinning of the centers, also known as chakras, create the individual field. Functionally, chakras regulate energy flow from the surrounding Universal Energy Field (UEF) to the physical body, as well as, to the emotional, mental, spiritual aspects of the person.

The gentle, non-invasive methods of Healing Touch engage the practitioner’s mind, heart, and hands to clear, energize, and balance the client’s energy field.  Thus, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of health and healing are affected.  Healing Touch is based on a heart-centered, caring relationship in which the practitioner and client come together in partnership energetically to facilitate the client’s health and healing.


Healing Touch Sequence:

There is a set process we must perform before doing any Healing Touch Sequence which involves an intake interview, so that the practitioner can evaluate what technique/s should be applied and where, if that is an issue. We must also set an intention for the session, and do whatever pre-treatment techniques we feel are necessary, again depending on the purpose of the session.  We then perform whatever other techniques (interventions) we have determined are necessary for the client at that time.  As the Healing Touch Sequence sets the stage for any of the techniques we perform, it would be part of any HT session.

Magnetic Passes:

This technique is typically used in specific areas of the body to help further remove congested energy (some would call it negative, dirty or stagnate energy) from the clients energy field (aura), and is very reminiscent of some Qigong techniques I have been taught for pain relief. It is said to balance the energy field, which would in turn also facilitate improvement in the flow energy in the field. It is typically used in areas where pain is present (congestion in the energy field can cause pain and eventually disease).

This technique is said to come from the work of Alice Bailey. There are  two different hand techniques involved: “hands in motion” and “hands still”.

This technique induces the relaxation response, can diminish pain, restore the body, diminish anxiety, release tension in the body and stress, help wounds to heal, and produces a sense of well being.

(Developed by Janet Mentgen – the founder of Healing Touch), this technique is performed typically at the beginning of any healing touch session (and possible the end), but can also be used at the beginning of a Reiki session, or any other type of healing session.  It is very similar to what we refer to in Reiki as “aura sweeping”, just a little more intense as it is performed for up to 15 minutes or longer at times.  We use our hands in such as way as to remove any congested (stagnant or negative) energy from the entire energy field/aura, and it is said to bring about a feeling of calmness and peace to the recipient.

This technique is good for anyone who has used prescription or recreational drugs addictivly, aids in recovering from anesthesia, diminishes chronic pain, clears out environmental pollution, or cancer treatment drugs (chemo and radiation), and for those who are or have undergone kidney dialysis.

Chakra Connection:

This full body technique is designed to link up ALL the chakras in the body, not just the major seven we work with in Crystal Chakra Balancing Layout or a Reiki Chakra Balancing techniques. We start at the feet, and work our way through the entire body. This technique connects up all the major and minor chakras for the purpose of creating a greater flow of energy throughout the entire system and for balancing.  We use a pendulum beforehand to show the client where the energy is not flowing as it should, (chakra assessment) and afterwards using a pendulum again, we show the client how the flow has now been reestablished.

I like to use this technique in conjunction with either an Usui or Karuna Reiki session, as an “add on” to either of those types of sessions, and is subject to an “add on” fee. This technique is typically performed on a “stand alone” basis in Healing Touch, and is prefaced by the Healing Touch sequence”. My Reiki clients love this technique.

Pain Management Techniques:

Very similar to a Qigong technique for pain and removal of congestion in the energy field, we form one of our hands into a special position and intend that energy is flowing out of some of fingers much like a laser (a beam of light).  We use this technique to break up any congestion in the energy field that someone who is very sensitive experiences as a heaviness in the field, heat or cold, (when I scan a client, I feel like I bump into a wall in their energy field). Congestion in the energy field causes pain, blockages and ultimately disease if not taken care of.

This technique can be used in areas of pain (as in arthritic joints), bone fractures, tendonitis, any injuries to a joint, a cut, bruise, or insect bite, hives, pneumonia, and sinus issues, to name a few.

This is a pain relief technique and would be incorporated into a healing session.  The basic principles of this technique can be ascribed to Randolph Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy. It is typically used to remove or shift pain, which can be either physical or emotional.

Someone who is very intuitive may sense that an area of the body where a surgery took place has an “energy leak” or a “break in the field”, which has been described by some as disruption in the energy field. We use a specific technique to repair or seal these tears or leaks.  Other uses would be for areas where there is a scar, where there were drainage tubes and/or punctures in the body.

When you are experiencing pain, someone who is very sensitive can actually feel where there is a spike in the energy field above the area (can be up to several feet away from the physical body).  We use some of the various techniques I’ve listed here to remove congestion from the energy field in the area, or whatever else we feel needs to be done (pain drain, magnetic passes, magnetic clearing, etc.

We do a combination of several different Healing Touch techniques for headache issues (ex: tension headaches, sinus related headaches, migraines, or head trauma.  Also very relaxing for many other headache issues).

Chakra Spread:

This is a very sacred technique that can be used to assist those in transition (leaving the physical body), or close to it. Also for those who are under a lot of stress on any level, and beneficial before and after surgery.  Using specific hand techniques, we carefully and slowly open up all chakras.

Very similar to acupressure, we use specific hand placements around the head and face to calm the mind and clear out all the chatter.  This is an excellent pre-session technique for any energy work like Reiki, or the other kinds of Healing Touch techniques listed here.  Very calming, and soothing, really helps to initiate feelings of peace and calm before any healing session, which would enhance the session.

The purpose of this technique is stimulate the flow of energy in the entire meridian system to bring about a sense of well being and relaxation.  Usually is performed with the client seated in chair, and involves massage like motions to the hands and feet at a certain stage of the technique.

It helps to move out accumulated, stagnant energy thus allowing for greater flow.  Very good for joint and broken bone issues, those who set for long periods of time at a stretch, and as for most of the techniques we do in Healing Touch and Reiki, very good for stress reduction.

Developed by Brugh Joy, Adapted by Janet Mentgen.  Used as a full body opening method at the beginning of a session or as a stand-alone technique.  Spiral Meditation connects all major chakras and the legs in an opening spiral pattern.  We use light physical touch or above body touch.  The center of awareness is in the heart.  The movement from one center to the other is done slowly and devotionally in a curved spiral opening gesture.  Purpose: Opens, connects, balances and epands the energy system.

Ten step sequence for providing energetic support for the spinal column/back and neck.  Purpose: To facilitate energetic clearing and balancing for the spinal column/back and neck. Use: Relief of back pain, opens spinal flow, balances vertebral energy centers.

Chakra Connection (CC) With Body Centered Interview (BCI):

A full body method with practitioner-client dialogue, which empowers client to recall, recognize and release energetic patterns which my be associated with health issues/symptoms. Use: The CC/BCI is beneficial for clients with chronic pain, pain and symptoms of unknown origin, and those who wish to better understand the connection between physical illness/symptoms and life situations/events.

Mind Clearing 

Adapted from the teaching of Rosalyn Bruyere and Rev. Rudy Noel. A light-touch technique that balances the energy flow in the head and brain and promotes relation and a sense of peacefulness. May be done with client lying down or sitting (up).

Scudder Technique 

From Rev. John Scudder – a light-touch whole body energy method that stimulates flow in the meridian system (energy tracts) thus promoting a relaxation response and sense of well-being.

Spiral Meditation

Developed by Brugh Joy, Adapted by Janet Mentgen – Used as a full body opening method at the beginning of a session or as a stand alone technique.  Spiral Mediation connects all major chakras and the legs in an opening spiral pattern.  May use light physical touch or above body touch.  The center of aware is in the heart.  The movement from one center to the other is done slowly and devotionally in a curved, gradual spiral opening gesture.

Healing Touch Sequence with Back Techniques

Ten Step Sequence for providing energetic support for the spinal column/back and neck.  Purpose: To facilitate energetic clearing and balance for the spinal column/back and neck.  Use: Relief of back pain, opens spinal blow, balances vertebral energy centers.

Modified Mind Mind Clearing

Is an alternate way to do the Mind Clearing technique by using the palms of the hands instead of the finger tips.  Purpose and Uses:  Same as Mind clearing.

Used to clear and energize the first bodies of the auric field by removing blocked energy.


Energizes the aura and balances it.

(all descriptions are taken from “Technique Review Cards (Level  I, II, and III Healing Touch)

Spinal Cleansing

Adapted from the work of Barbara Brennan – To clean the spine and push clogged energy out and off the top of the head if additional clearing is needed after Chelation.  Maybe done with a light touch or off body.


We are authorized to teach some of the techniques to our clients to further their healing and empower them (Chakra Connection, Spiral Meditation and Mind Clearing).