If you enjoy receiving Reiki energy in person, you will cherish receiving distant, healing Reiki from Patty Penner. When Patty sends me Distant Reiki, I feel the energy arrive because it is immediately calming and relaxing. I feel completly surrounded in peace. My body and soul are immersed in this beautiful, Reiki energy. I love how Reiki flows into and onto my body. I am grateful to be blessed with this gift of energy healing sent to me via Patty Penner.  Heidi Waddell (7/22/23)


I recently asked Patty to provide her 7 Day Distance Reiki Healing service for me, and it was one of the best decisions I made this year!  She is truly a gifted healer and empath.  I asked for Reiki because I have a few problems, and everything has improved!  The pain in my shoulder is much less, I’m sleeping better, and my stress level is way down compared to what it was before the sessions started.  Additionally, she passed along messages from my deceased parents (some things she couldn’t have known.)  I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear from them until she told me.  She is a wonderful person to work with and I highly recommend her services.    

Tricia Wood (8/25/22


As I started learning Reiki, I found myself having experiences I couldn’t explain. I asked my teacher about them, but she never answered me, nor would she offer any advice as to what I could try differently. I became both worried and frustrated. That’s when I found Patty. From day one she has been an endless source of information and guidance. I took Level I again, but this time with Patty. She was amazing! She explained everything thoroughly and made sure I understood what I was doing and how to practice Reiki safely. I plan on continuing not only through Reiki Level IIIa with her, but also learning about crystals, meditation, and much more with her also. She has been a true blessing!
Betty Z (2016)


Patty was my instructor for Reiki Level I. I was 6 months postpartum with my first child at the time and had decided to do something for myself. She recognized the severe sleep deprivation I was experiencing and explained how becoming Reiki could not only help me, but also my daughter, now and in the future as she faces teething pain and other illnesses. Patty was a fabulous instructor – flexible, compassionate, and thorough. She was generous with her time and always asked to make sure I understood the topic of discussion before moving on. I am grateful for Patty and her many gifts and would recommend her to anyone interested in learning more about Reiki!
Erica S.  11/20/16


Patty is great as an instructor and mentor. Very responsive and there for you every second with any questions! She is VERY knowledgeable, experienced and professional at what she does, not to mention very truthful! I like the fact that she is so well rounded in so many, many different areas. Just check out her website for all the different services.  I am glad and thankful that I have her in my life!
Tricia S.  11/18/16


“Patty is a very gifted healer.  I’ve seen her for about 5 years now for Reiki and for Intuitive Life Coaching.  She is very caring and open minded, which has helped me to open up to her consciously and unconsciously. I always love the added stones, crystals and other “tricks up her sleeve” she has to assist me in my healing.  She really takes her time, and it’s always interesting going over the sessions at the end.  I am thankful to have worked with Patty so far and look forward to working with her in the future.”
AR – Madison  (10/15)


“I began to work with Patty and to study Reiki in 2006. She is an incredible teacher and one of the most generous, engaged people I’ve ever met. In 2013 I was a week and a half overdue with my daughter. I reached out to Patty for help moving my baby along and for dealing with the stress and anxiety I was experiencing. I live in Alaska now, so Patty enlisted her network of Reiki practitioners to send me distant Reiki. I remember exactly where I was when I felt the unmistakable Reiki energy flow through me. At that moment, I felt so grateful, relaxed and loved. I went into labor naturally with my daughter (and gave birth) the next day. Patty has a fantastic ability to connect and energize people and I’m honored to have her as a spiritual teacher.”
Carla K


“Patty provides a safe and nurturing environment. She is extremely knowledgeable and attentive, and I always feel light and relaxed after a session. The added tools she sometimes incorporates have made the experience even more incredible.
Nancy S.


I took my Reiki One review with Patricia.  It was a very rewarding and educational experience.  Patty is very compassionate, knowledgeable, and professional. I learned more about the history of Reiki, and I feel like a more competent Reiki Practitioner than I did before the review.
Thank you Patty – C. V.


Working with Patty has been a life changing experience for me. At the time I was exploring healing options, Patty listened carefully and made a variety of suggestions for resources in addition to her practice and set to work. Utilizing her characteristic knowledge, passion and intuition, she worked with me, and as the result of regular Reiki sessions, I began to see real improvements in my overall health.

The level of care and professionalism she brings to her Reiki practice are second to none. She is constantly engaging in the acquisition of new knowledge and developing skills in complementary healing modalities.

Reiki has proven to be just what I was looking for: it balances and increases my energy. The results from multiple sessions are cumulative; it is worth every ounce of investment of time and financial resources. As a result of this improvement in overall health, I find myself making better lifestyle choices.”
Maureen M


Patty is constantly learning and growing as a teacher, practitioner and student. She not only teaches Reiki, but lives Reiki. She is accessible, kind, yet structured. If you are considering receiving Reiki or becoming Reiki, I highly recommend her.”
Geri S.


“Patty is very passionate about the Reiki experience, and I always look forward to Patty’s in-house and long-distance sessions. I feel calm and serene during and after my time with her. In addition, I feel the sessions are helpful in my quest for better overall health. Thanks!”
Robert H.


“Not only are Patty’s sessions soothing and calming, but she gets helpful information during them. She suggested I take an iron supplement once and soon after a doctor suggested the same thing. And once I had a terrible bout of sciatica that Patty worked on which cleared up miraculously in a few days. Highly recommended.

“I have had a bad knee that gave me trouble after a certain amount of walking. For quite a while now I have not been able to make it around Devil’s Lake, one of my favorite hikes ever, due to my knee giving out.  During some recent Reiki treatments, Patty felt drawn to work on that knee.  The next time I went to Devil’s Lake I went all the way around with no knee problem. I’m convinced the Reiki helped my knee.  Thank you, Patty, for your work.”
Lisa, Reiki I Practitioner


Patty, I look forward to your sessions of Reiki, as I do not do well with regular massage, I find the energy from Reiki very beneficial. I do not feel the aches, I would after the massage. The ambiance of your healing room is very relaxing. I enjoy the exchange of conversation and of course telling you what she felt and heard. At the most recent Reiki share, I discovered two angels that work with me in my healing practice as a Reflexologist. And I am looking forward to more Reiki shares and exchanges as a growth process. I have also realized there are several healing planes that can be achieved if one allows. I am looking forward to working with you again.”
Melba Newby, Certified Reflexologist/Reiki Master Practitioner


Patty Penner gave me a Reiki session that was so effective and calming that I wanted to learn Reiki myself to pass on the wonderful feeling of bliss I experienced.  Patty really tunes in to the person and it feels as if the session is custom made for you.  I was receiving Reiki from another practitioner and immediately felt a difference in style.  Patty has a calm voice that lulls you into a feeling of complete release.  I have had some amazing visions while receiving Reiki from Patty.  I have experienced less pain since receiving Reiki and feel calmer and more balanced in general. Patty also teaches Reiki and since learning from her I can proceed with confidence that it is an effective healing tool that not only benefits the receiver but also the giver.

Patty has been my teacher for both level I and level II Reiki training beginning in October 2005.  She was very thorough, informing me before hand of what I needed to do in preparation for each class.  She explained everything that would happen during the attunement ceremonies and during the 21-day cleansing period following each attunement.  She blocked in plenty of time for practicing new Reiki skills on another person as part of the training.   However, what has impressed me most about Patty is her willing, enthusiastic, unflagging support after my training.  I receive at least three emails a week from her since taking her classes. She checked in with me several times during the three-week cleansing periods to see how I was doing.

She is always available to answer questions and offer support.  If she can’t answer a particular question, she has many other avenues to pursue in search of the answer.  She is constantly updating her knowledge base and sharing her new learning with her students.  The number of Reiki websites, books and other resources that she has firsthand experience with is impressive and she never hesitates to offer them to her students.   A weekly angel card reading, suggestions for new holds, new invocations, and other Reiki news are all part of the “package” when Patty is your teacher.  She continues to offer opportunities for her students to practice in the form of Reiki Share sessions and assisting new students during their training.  As one of her students, you will not feel lost, unsupported or rusty!”
Jo Morgan, Reiki II Practitioner


The day before I was scheduled for a hysterectomy Patty Penner gave me a Reiki Session. It was a wonderful experience. When the session was over Patty told me that my deceased maternal grandmother was in the room and brought me a pink rose! Grandmother said she would be with me during the surgery, and everything would be okay. What a great way to go into surgery! I felt incredibly relaxed after the session and was full of energy. I surprised the physicians and nurses with my quick recovery with almost no pain medication. Patty also did an angel reading for me which was right on and very helpful. Thanks, Patty, for all your support!”
Annemarie D. 



“Patty is a real gift! She has an amazing ability to tune into the subtle energies and provide guidance and healing. I always say I will try anything once, and boy am I glad I tried Reiki and Emotional Coding with her. I highly trust and recommend her to everyone!”
Diane B

All my life I’ve had dreams while sleeping.  They were so precise that I could easily remember them when I woke up. My dreams were not simply memorable, they also predicted future events that centered around excursions with my children, like shopping for clothes or going to some concert together.  I frequently said to my daughters “Deja Vu”. My girls quickly learned that I had had a dream about that very moment we were experiencing.  Typically, it would take a couple of years before the dream prediction became a reality, and I never thought of it as predicting the future, rather I would think “how amazing is this?”

However, my ability to dream came to a screeching halt in 2009. During and after a series of major life changing events that went on for almost 6 years, all the accumulated trapped negative emotions from it weighed heavily inside me and my dreams had completely vanished.  I didn’t notice their absence for the first 4 years because I was so worn out from all the stress, grief and negativity I had been bombarded with.  By the year 2015, I began to realize they were absent and how much I missed them.  Yet I could not get them to return. I continued to remain dreamless, and it made me feel incomplete and frustrated.

I began having a series of Emotion Code sessions with Patty Penner recently.  Patty determined that when we started out, I had a “Heartwall” that was 6 miles out in front of me, and 8 miles high, and was made of steel.  During each session with Patty, more and more trapped negative emotions were released from my “Heartwall” and it began to get smaller.  After the third or fourth Emotion Code session., I began to dream again.  It had been 6 years since my last dream!  I was stunned, surprised and elated!  Could this really be happening? Will I keep dreaming?  The answer was “YES!”

My dreams came every night, and they were happy dreams.  I was doing things with people I liked, and we were having fun.  I loved it!  To my delight, the dreams kept intensifying.  They started to include color.  That was new for me.  They became as vivid as a live show. They continued to be happy and pleasant, and I felt like I was indeed at the places and doing the things that happened in the dreams.  I had become an active participant.  I am dreaming every night and loving it now!

My “Heartwall” is completely gone now after only seven Emotion Code sessions with Patty.  We still have work to do, but I feel so much more like the former me that used to be filled with joy and wonder whether awake, or asleep and dreaming.

Thank you, Patty Penner, for helping me take down my “Heartwall”, and for releasing so many negative trapped emotions that were in my body using the Emotion Code system.  Thank you for helping my mind and body heal and thank you for clearing the way for my dreams to return. I am forever grateful to Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code system, and my professional provide of his technique Patty Penner.
Heidi W, Verona, Wisc  (March 2016)



Over the past 35+ years I have been to countless psychics, therapists, astrologers, and pursed many, many additional avenues for healing. Clearly nothing “worked.”  So, I would simply move on the next possibility – and trust me, there is ALWAYS another possibility. Most off those possibilities are expensive, and I can say with certainty that I spent thousands of dollars.  I came across Patricia’s name from the Time Bank available in Madison, Wisc. This means that Patricia was offering her services in exchange for time I had earned from providing services to others.  It wouldn’t cost me a penny to find out what she had to say. Frankly, I didn’t expect much.

I cannot possibly overstate my shock at what I heard.  Without seeing me (we spoke on the phone) she told me things that she could not have known. As a means of healing, she articulated and encouraged me to follow my deepest passion – something I had only mentioned to approximately 4 people. I have never heard of anyone who is pursuing what brings me such joy.  Over our 4 sessions she has shared what her guides have told her and patiently encouraged me to “take the next baby step’” in achieving my heart’s desire.  This has energized me and given me the belief that maybe this can happen.

In addition, I have had 2 Reiki sessions with Patricia.  I tried Reiki before with no discernible results, so I was hesitant. Now I know that Reiki healing can and does work.

I could go on and on singing Patricia’s praises, but I want to conclude with what means the most me.  Because I tired so many things for so long, I have come to believe that either nothing will work, or if it does work it will only last a short time.  Patricia has convinced me that she knows what she is doing and more importantly – she will never give up on me. She will never give up on me. Patricia Penner was born to do this work.
WG, Madison, Wi  10/15/15



I have had the privilege of knowing Patty for a few years.  She has been a trusted mentor and colleague as Reiki Master and Energy Healer.  Patty has cleared my home and my personal energy field, using a remote technique she also is schooled in, bringing great relief to my energy field and comfort level. I can’t thank her enough and would recommend her practices to all who are energetically sensitive!
Carol J M in Minnesota



“Patty informed of which chakras were closed and gave me valuable insight into issues related to those chakras.  After the treatment, she informed me that all my chakras had all opened, and I felt a shift that renewed my energy and ability to stay present and focused.”
Ilanna G