I am a Certified Crystal Healer in two different lineages:

In addition, I have also taken the following courses:

  • Chakra Healing with Crystals & Stones
  • Self-Protection with Crystals & Stones
  • Working with Crystal Grids
  • Advanced Crystal Healing
  • Crystal Reiki Levels I, II and III
  • Stone Grid – Sacred Stone Energy, Levels I, II and III
bag and crystals

Hand Picked Sets

2nd set of crystals and bag

Cleared & Charged

I like to combine crystals/stones during Reiki sessions, when I am guided to do so. Reiki energy enhances the healing properties of the crystals/stones, and the crystals/stones enhance the healing effects of the Reiki energy.

Additionally, if a crystal or stone is on your person during a Reiki session, it becomes supercharged with Reiki energy during the session, and can be taken home and worn or carried in a pocket for 5-7 days for continued healing benefits.



You can purchase a set of chakra crystals/stones after you’ve have had a Crystal Chakra Layout (either with or without a Reiki session).  After the session, you can place them on your major chakras every day for approximately 10-15 minutes for up to 7 days for continued healing and balancing of the chakras. Cost per set is $20

Shown are some examples of my Crystal Chakra Layouts, and the little keepsake bags they come in. I hand pick, de-program, clear and charge each crystal/stone in all the sets personally.


Many Reiki practitioners and others who work in the alternative healing arts combine crystals/stones with their healing practices.  I trained in two different lineages of Crystal Healing and like to combine crystals with Reiki when I feel guided to do so.
Placing a crystal/stone on the area of the body at the location of any of the seven major chakras that corresponds to the color of the chakra is a very common way Crystal Healers use crystals/stones to bring a chakra, or all the chakras into balance.  They can also be placed on the body in areas of pain or disease.  This process is called “entrainment”.  Each stone/crystal vibrates at a particular frequency depending on its. Each chakra is associated with a different color, and if it is healthy and balanced, it should be vibrating at the frequency of that color. When we place a crystal/stone on a chakra of matching color, we are “entraining” the chakra to raise its vibration to match that of the crystal/stones color so it will open. clear and come into balance.

Using crystals/stones in this way is particularly effective while you’re having a Reiki session, as the Reiki energy flowing into the crystals/stones supercharges them with Reiki. Reiki is also enhancing the “entrainment” process that the crystals/stones are doing. Additionally, the crystals/stones are also enhancing whatever the Reiki energy is doing.

Additionally, I can de-program, clear, and charge a crystal/stone with Reiki energy, and re-program it for whatever a client’s particular needs are. They can then take it home and either keep it in a pocket, place it in a pouch, or in special silver or copper cages made especially for this purpose, and wear it around their neck. Or they might decide to purchase a crystal pendant and have me do the same.

I can assist you in writing up a healing intention/affirmation for a particular physical or emotional issue or situation, and clear, charge, de-program and re-program a crystal/stone that you or I have picked out that would be applicable to your issue. The cleared, programmed and charged crystal/stone is placed on top of the piece of paper you have written your intention/affirmation on. The crystal/stone will then send out a continual flow of healing energy to the issue or situation for approximately 7 days. You would then need to bring the crystal/stone back to me for clearing and recharging or learn how to do it yourself (take my Reiki and/or Crystal Healing classes).

Occasionally, when I am channeling Reiki for someone, I may receive guidance that I need to place a particular crystal or stone on their body during the session in an area of pain, imbalance or dis-ease, or that it would be beneficial for them to carry or wear one, including the one I was guided to use during the session.  I have many some loose stones available in my office for this reason. Book a Session[/button]


CRYSTAL HEALING WAND APPLICATION: not offering this service at present

Body Balancing: ($30 for 15-20 mins)
This technique is performed using two special single terminated clear quartz crystal healing wands that I was attuned to so I could use them for this purpose. They are placed on three separate areas of the body for 5 minutes approximately in each area.

This technique acts to bring the body into balance and is deeply relaxing, which makes it a wonderful addition prior to a Reiki session for those feeling anxious or nervous, and having trouble relaxing into the session.

Many clients come to me for treatment of mild to extreme anxiety.  A Crystal Balancing session before a Reiki session is extremely beneficial in helping someone suffering from this issue to get to a calm, relaxed state making them more receptive to the healing benefits of a Reiki session.

Pain Relief: ($30 for 15-20 mins)
The Crystal Healing Wands can also be used for pain relief, by placing them on either side of the area where the person is experiencing pain and activating them.  This session is approximately 15-20 minutes in length.
Fee for this session is $30.00.


Referred to as an “add on”, this service entails my placing seven crystals/stones placed on my client’s body (on top of the sheet and blanket they are under, on my massage table) in the area of each of the seven major chakras that correspond to each of the chakras colors. prior to beginning a Reiki session. I can assist you in picking out the stones to use, or I can use the pre-packaged sets of Chakra crystals/stones I have available for this purpose. When you have a Crystal Chakra Layout during a Reiki session, the crystals/stones become supercharged with Reiki during the session, as the Reiki energy is charging them up with Reiki, thus enhancing what they’re doing, and they’re enhancing what the Reiki is doing. You can purchase the set used in the session to take home with you, and place them on your body, on the  appropriate chakras each day for 5-7 days for 10-15 minutes, for even more healing and balancing benefits!
$25 (with a 60 minute Reiki session, of either Usui or Karuna Reiki®).


I can perform this service “remotely” now (at a distance), making it possible for me to perform it for anyone on the planet. I use a surrogate or proxy to act as the client and place the crystal/stones on it, on the chakras.  I assess the chakras beforehand using a pendulum, to ascertain which ones are open, closed, stuck or at “dead stop”, and afterward to make sure that all are now open, cleared and balanced.

After the technique has been performed (which could be 45 minutes to several hours depending on the severity of the issues with the chakras), I then call or email my client with my feedback.

Fee for this service is $75.00 (US).

CHAKRA ACTIVATION: not offering this service at present 

This session entails having crystals/stones placed on the body in the areas of the seven major chakras, in the corresponding colors of each chakra, and then each crystal is individually infused with white light. This session opens the energetic pathways within the subject and activates the major and minor chakras. This technique is best used for tired and fatigued subjects or those under a great deal of stress. This session is approximately 60 minutes in length.