Crystal Healing is the ancient art of applying crystals or stones on or around the body for healing purposes.  Some sources say mans use and love of crystals dates back as far as 25,000 years BC.  Using them for healing, divination and wearing them for protection, etc., was commonplace in Egypt, Israel, in South America by the Mayans, as well as the Chinese, Native Americans, Greeks, Romans and Tibetans, just to name a few.



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We can use crystals/stones in many different ways, healing wands for example can be used to pull out negative, stagnant energy from the body or do “psychic surgery”. I was trained in a technique using specific crystal healing wands placed in specific areas on the body to bring the body into balance, or relieve or diminish pain.



You can wear them for protection, help you to be calm, to give you strength, boost your immune system, or to help you manifest what you want to attract into your life, and much more.  In the Crystal Chakra Healing technique I do , I place Crystals/ stones on the body that correspond to major energy centers of the body,or meridians and nadis.



“Crystal healing is a from of vibrational medicine in which subtle energy given off by a crystal is used to treat the body, mind, spirit and emotions. Crystals exhibit a type of orderly perfection, which helps to bring healing light and loving encouragement to all beings. Since both crystals and the human body have an inherent energetic blueprint, it is thought that the energies of the body can be balanced and healed by introducing the energetic vibration of a Crystal in to the body’s energy field. Their perfect forms are a metaphor for the balance and perfection that humans search for in their own lives.  Using crystals in this way can actually help to repair energetic imbalances within the ethereal body.



Through entrainment, the human body will begin to mimic the perfectly stable, balanced energy of the crystal.  For this reason, crystal healing can be performed on anything that possesses an energy field, be it a person, a plant, an animal, or the environment.  The stable energetic vibrations from the crystals can be used to re-align and direct the flow of energy within the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, returning them to a state of health and wholeness.” Quoted from Crystal Healer, Ashley Leavy’s website with her permission: – this is an amazing video produced by Ashley that explains it all much better than I can!



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Here are few websites that gave a much more in depth explanation: